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Marine Art


My installation work consists of marine studies and research that I develop using traditional hand weave techniques with contemporary materials. I then create vibrant bio luminescent hand woven sculptures in Elwire, monofilament, glow-in the dark and light reflective yarns that I hope create a feeling of life under the ocean. 


Keepsake Sculptures & Jellyjo Jewellery
Shetland Keepsakes was a project that researched the history of Fair Isle and lace knitting. I started to break down the motifs used in Fair Isle designing and lace patterning taking printed studies. I explored ideas around protection, change of form and use and developed Shetland keepsakes. A series of contemporary cast sculptures, window hangings and jewellery art pieces that trap and protect Shetland knitwear remnants. 
I now also work with Shetand wool and free flow crochet to create beach combing inspired jewellery.


Pet Diaries
This is a fun project that i started almost by accident when i uploaded a fun cartoon style illustration I drew of my cats. Someone saw the post and asked if I would draw her dog in cartoon style and so it has been slowly growing. The images can be printed on paper, textile or onto photographic wall canvas.


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